The Three Most Common Wrong Ideas About Life Insurance

You can choose to know as much or as little as you like about life insurance. There is more than enough information for one person to read in a lifetime, if that is their choice. On the other hand, we all some people who choose to know nothing about life insurance because they find the whole idea either too morbid, too boring, or too complicated. Most of those people don’t even bother to buy life insurance; they think it’s more hassle than it’s worth. Other people don’t bother to do comparison-shopping when it comes time to buy life insurance. They just get one quote and give up. That’s because shopping for life insurance is laborious and time-consuming, right? Wrong. Let’s set the record straight on that and two more common misperceptions of life insurance.

Wrong Idea #1: Shopping for life insurance takes hours or even days.

The only way to make sure you get the best quality and best value on any product or service you buy is to do comparison-shopping, right? We all know that. But until very recently, comparison-shopping for life insurance meant going from one insurance company to the next…from one agent to the next (or one broker to the next). And it meant filling out applications with each…and waiting for their reply. The truth is, it easily could take days. But all that has changed.

Now, you can comparison-shop for life insurance online in a matter of just minutes. State-of-the-art software now makes it possible to collect quotes from all of the leading insurance companies, all in one place, all with just one mouse click. Visit a free, unbiased online comparison-shopping site. Provide some very basic information (such as your birth date and where you live). Then click to get your quotes. Almost instantly, you will see quotes from many leading insurers offering you their best coverage at their best rates. Choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. In many cases, you can make your purchase right then and there using a credit card. Often, you can even download your new policy right away, print it, and file it away, resting easy in the knowledge that you have taken a smart step to protect your family’s financial future.

Wrong idea #2: Life insurance is too expensive.

Some types of life insurance can be more expensive than others. But you may be surprised at just how affordable other options are. And these are quality policies from some of the biggest, most reputable companies in the business. How affordable? Some people find that they can excellent term life insurance coverage, for example, with a benefit worth up to a half million dollars…all for about the price of a cup of coffee per day. Wow!

Wrong idea #3: Life insurance is a morbid subject.

You have to get over this notion. Think of the subject a different way: Life insurance is actually for the living. While he or she is alive, life insurance gives the policyholder peace of mind that is priceless. That shouldn’t be minimized or discounted in any way. But really, life insurance is for the living, the dependents that the policyholder leaves behind. It is designed to enable them to sustain the lifestyle you have worked so hard to provide for them.

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