Term Life insurance for Cancer Patients

Cancer is one of the biggest health problems we can face. It leads to many complications and in very many cases the patient does not survive. At the same time, cancer doesn’t mean certain death and depending on its type and evolution it can be treated.

Cancer is a disease in which cells divide and grow without control. Cancer cells usually affect one tissue, but they can spread through the rest of the body.

cancer patientsPeople, who suffered from cancer in the past, will have a hard time getting affordable life insurance. Most agencies are willing to provide coverage if the patient was cured for at least five years. Even then, former cancer patients will have to struggle to find good insurance.

The rates depend on the type of cancer you suffered from. For example some forms of skin cancer are considered less risky and you can qualify for standard prices. Agencies will also be interested in the illnesses’ stages and what treatment you followed. The medical reports must show a complete recovering in order to get standard rates.

If you have suffered from cancer and want to buy term life insurance, it is very important to prepare yourself. The point is to prove that you have recovered. The best way in which you can do this is by gathering and putting in order all of your the medical reports that documents the evolution of the disease and your recovering. It is also important to bring proof that you fully followed the prescribed medical treatment.

Unfortunately there isn’t any term life insurance policy for cancer suffering people. Even policies who do not require their clients to take a medical exam ask you to complete a questionnaire where they ask about terminal illnesses. There are only a few options available for cancer suffering people to get life coverage.

Guaranteed or final expense life insurance policies are permanent life annuities contracts that provide a guaranteed death benefit after the insured dies. The coverage is limited to $20,000-$25,000 and the premiums are expensive. The one big advantage is that anybody can purchase these policies. They are useful if you want to cover your funeral costs and pay a part of your debt, like mortgage loans.

The bottom line is that former cancer patients need to arm themselves with a lot of patience and medical reports if they want to find cheap term life insurance. Those who are still suffering from any type of cancer can only get coverage through a final expense policy.

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