Life Insurance for Cancer Patients

Cancer patients have little chances of getting life insurance. The risk associated with this disease will discourage most insurance companies from offering you coverage. If you are undergoing cancer treatment, you should get health insurance through the Obamacare program. Health insurance will help you cover some medical expenses.

What options do you have?

health9-300x199Life insurance is also an important investment, and people who are suffering from cancer and other terminal diseases may want insurance to secure their family’s financial future. Unfortunately, there are limited policies that may offer coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.

  • Group life insurance is offered by employers and other associations. Since premiums are not calculated individually, you have higher chances of being eligible for coverage. However, the policy’s value is very small and it rarely exceeds $10,000.  Talk with your employer about the available life insurance plan and see if you can get covered.
  • Final expense life insurance is a policy which does not require a medical exam. In order to be eligible for coverage, you need to answer to a few medical questions. But even for this type of policy, getting coverage if you suffer from cancer is unusual. However, you should discuss with an agent: if your health is showing signs of improvement they may accept to insure you.

Can former cancer patients get life coverage?

If you have recovered from cancer, you can get life insurance. The minimum requirement is to wait 5 years from the last cancer symptoms. However, prepare for a difficult task because convincing agencies that your are healthy will not be easy!

You should aim to get a term life insurance policy. Since you will not get preferred rates (which are the cheapest), you need an overall cheap policy. Term life insurance rates are the most affordable for people in your condition.

Gather all your medical records and pay regular visits to your doctor. You will need proof to show that you have been cured and that you are not in any risk. Discuss with an insurance agent about your options!

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