How To Get Life Insurance If You Have A Pre-existing Condition

Having a pre-existing condition means suffering from a terminal disease like diabetes, cancer, heart disorders, pneumonia, ulcerous etc. If you have any of these illnesses before you buy life insurance, agencies will increase the cost of your policy or they can refuse to cover you. In this case, life insurance with no medical exam required is one of the last resorts people in this situation have.

life-insurance-for-the-elderly-2-300x200In this blog we will discuss different ways in which you can get life insurance if you have a pre-existing condition:

1.       Visit your doctor regularly and follow the recommended treatment

Regular checkups and following your prescribed treatment will improve your medical condition and at the same time, your eligibility for life insurance. Also, agencies will be more likely to insure you if they have a clearer picture of your medical history. Although you will need to take several medical tests, an evolution of your disease can only be provided by prior medical records. So, staying in touch with your doctor will greatly benefit you.

2.       Apply for a policy that does not require medical examinations

Life insurance with no medical exam required can be purchased form most agencies. In order to be eligible for this plan, you have to answer a simple medical questionnaire. However, this does not mean that everyone can get life coverage. Some pre-existing conditions are accepted, while others like cancer or AIDS will prevent you from getting a policy.

Life insurance with no medical exam required should mostly be a last resort option as the premiums are expensive and the coverage you can purchase is limited.

3.       Discuss with an insurance agent

Discussing with an insurance agent can help you find life insurance. An insurance broker will review your case and recommend you several agencies. He or she will also offer valuable tips and will explain the whole process a lot better.

In conclusion, it is possible for people with pr-existing conditions to get life coverage, but this depends on what they suffer from.

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